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Adam Atherton

Managing Director

Adam serves as the Managing Director, leading the development of new services in his field. He has a strong foundation in computer networking and server management, areas where he has demonstrated profound expertise and technical proficiency.

In addition to his technical skills, Adam excels in outreach and client relations. His ability to connect with clients and understand their needs has consistently led to successful partnerships and the enhancement of service offerings.

Adam's approach combines deep industry knowledge with a commitment to innovation, guiding his team through the complexities of service development while focusing on practical and impactful solutions. His leadership is characterised by a hands-on approach, fostering an environment where new ideas and strategies are encouraged and valued.

As a leader, Adam is committed to excellence, ensuring that his initiatives not only meet but exceed client expectations, thereby driving growth and setting new benchmarks in the industry.


  • Client Relations

  • Research & Development

  • Software Development